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Discover Deify: Your Premier Destination for Permanent Hair Removal in New York! Our State-of-the-Art Studio Features Candela Laser Systems with Cryogen Cooling, Ensuring Comfortable Treatments for All Skin Types. With a Team of Licensed Estheticians Boasting Over 15 Years of Experience and over 2 Million Treatments Completed, We Are Your Trusted Experts in the Industry. Not Only Do We Provide Top-Quality Treatments, but We Also Offer Esthetician Training. Choose Deify - A Trusted, Honest, and Contract-Free Small Business Run by Local Women. Book Your Complimentary Consultation Today and Experience the Deify Difference Raved About by Our Satisfied Clients on Google Reviews!"


"Discover the Leading Laser Hair Removal Technology at Deify! Our State-of-the-Art System Utilizes the Industry-Leading GentleLASE® and GentleYAG by Candela for Fast, Gentle, and Permanent Hair Removal Results. The Precise Pulses of Light Energy Target Hair Follicles Under the Skin's Surface, Safely and Effectively Destroying Them. With Alexandrite lasers in GentleLASE® for Coarse and Fine Hair and GentleYAG by Candela for Dark Skin Tones, Experience Unmatched Treatment Capabilities for Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening. Our Patented Cryogen Cooling System Minimizes Pain, Protects Your Skin, and Enhances Treatment Effectiveness. Choose Deify for Maximum Results with Minimal Discomfort Using the Leading Lasers in the Industry!"


Top Reasons to Choose Laser Hair Removal at Deify for Your Hair-Free Journey!

1. Time & Money Savings: Laser Hair Removal Saves You Precious Time and Money in the Long Run by Eliminating the Need for Constant Shaving, Waxing, or Depilatory Treatments.

2. Long-Term Results: Our Advanced GentleLASE® and GentleYAG by Candela Lasers Offer Long-Term Results with Up to 85% to 90% Hair Reduction After Just Six Treatments, Providing Lasting Smoothness.

3. Always Ready: With Laser Hair Removal, You'll Always Be Bathing Suit Ready, Enjoying the Freedom and Confidence of Smooth Skin Anytime, Anywhere.

4. Safe & Effective: Our FDA-Approved Laser Hair Removal Treatments Permanently Reduce Ingrown Hair in All Skin Types, Ensuring Safe and Effective Results Every Time.

5. Expertise & Experience: At Deify, Our Skilled Team of Licensed Estheticians Boasts Over 15 Years of Experience and 2 Million Treatments Completed, Offering You the Best Care and Results in the Industry.

Choose Deify for Unmatched Convenience, Confidence, Quality, and Expertise in Your Hair Removal Journey. Book Your Complimentary Consultation Today and Experience the Deify Difference!"

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Laser hair removal is more than just ”zapping” unwanted hair. It is a procedure that requires extensive training to perform and carries potential risks. While our staff of technicians are fully equipped to handle any concerns, we ask that you follow proper laser hair removal preparation procedures to ensure the best treatment possible.

  • Do not wax, epilate, or remove hair by the root using any other hair removal method other than shaving for at least 4 weeks prior to the first session and throughout the course of treatments. Hair follicles need to be intact in order to be targeted by our laser devices.

  • Avoid sun exposure, booth/bed tanning, and artificial tan products for 2 weeks prior to and after treatment. These will all cause treatments to be less effective and make complications after treatments more likely.

  • Please shave one day prior to treatment – stubble is fine. Shaving more than one day prior may result in less effective and more uncomfortable treatments.

  • Please do not wear makeup to your session for facial hair removal procedure. All traces of makeup must be removed in order to avoid any type of damage from the lasers.

  • Inform us if you are currently on the medication Accutane or have been in the last 6 months. This can make your skin more susceptible to damage from the laser.

  • Please do not use any prescribed or over the counter Retin A or Retinol products on the area we’ll be treating with the laser for a bare minimum of 2 weeks prior to your appointment. This can make your skin more susceptible to damage from the laser.

  • For clients who are on antibiotics, please allow two weeks from the last day of your medication to come in for an appointment. Many of these medications can make you photosensitive and susceptible to damage from the lasers


The laser equipment will be adjusted according to the color, thickness, and location of the hair being treated as well as your skin color. Based on these elements, cooling systems will also be adjusted to provide less discomfort.


Next, your technician will emit a pulse of light to the treatment area, assessing and monitoring your reaction. Given the settings are best for your treatment, the technician will proceed with the session and will check in with you as needed.


When the procedure is completed, cooling and skin soothing anti-inflammatory creams or lotions will be provided to ease any discomfort. Again, we recommend scheduling followup treatments four to six weeks later and continuing treatments until hair growth has stopped.


Since various hairs will enter their growth cycle at different times, approximately 6 treatments at intervals of 4-8 weeks are necessary to disable most of the follicles in a given area. Treated areas such as the face usually require more frequent treatments whereas legs and back require less. Your laser specialist will help determine how often you should come in based on progress.


Seeing red? It’s normal! Immediately after treatment, you’ll see some redness and sometimes minor swelling that can last anywhere from two hours to three days. You can apply a cold compress or aloe vera gel to relieve symptoms; if the area is puffy and/or itchy you can use a hydrocortisone or antihistamine type product.​​

Stay cool. For the first 72 hours after treatment, you may feel like you have a sunburn. Avoid hot baths or showers (lukewarm is fine), hot tubs and saunas, and vigorous forms of exercise or activities that may cause excessive heat or sweating.​​

Get shady. It’s important to stay out of the sun: if your skin tone changes significantly, we may not be able to treat you. For outdoor activities from meandering yacht excursions to the briefest afternoon stroll, cover all treated areas with SPF 30 or higher and reapply regularly for the entire course of your treatment.​

Feel the Powder. If you received underarm treatment, skip the deodorant for the first twenty-four hours to avoid irritation. You can use an unscented powder (such as baby powder) instead. For face treatments, you may use makeup immediately. We recommend using only new cosmetics and clean tools to reduce the risk of infection. (As if you needed an excuse to buy new makeup!)​


Wax off. Avoid waxing, electrolysis, tweezing, and any other form of hair removal that disturbs the follicle for four to six weeks after treatment, on all treated areas. But you don’t have to lock yourself in a closet: shaving is still okay as often as like.​

Shed your inhibitions (or just your hair). Anywhere from five to twenty-one days following treatment, you’ll notice what look like new hairs growing in the treated area. This is not new hair growth: it’s actually your existing, but damaged surface hairs shedding. You can speed this process up by using one of the recommended exfoliating cleansers we carry.​

Make your next appointment. Your hair grows in a cycle – so we remove it in a cycle, too. If you haven’t already scheduled your next appointment, make sure to set one up today.

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