• To get the best results following a CryoSkin session, you should not eat any sugar up to 5 hours before and after each session. They should be avoided altogether for a minimum of at least 2 hours before and after The reason for this is that sugar is a strong power source for fat cells. The cold temperatures we use in Cryoskin treatments weaken and damage the fat cells. If you eat sugar, that will give back immediate energy to those cells so the apoptosis effect will be less efficient or could even be canceled out. When we talk about sugar, we are talking about all kinds of sugars and carbohydrates; slow sugar (pasta, rice, bread, cereals, fruit, alcohol) and of course fast acting refined sugar (candy, soda etc.).

  • Increase your water intake by at least 1.5L (50oz) per day for the duration of the process (2 weeks for a single session or 10 weeks for 5 sessions). This is to assist your kidneys, liver and lymphatic system in removing the waste (damaged cells) after treatment.

  • Drainage is recommended to the clients having the slimming treatments done. This is done by drinking lots of water, taking regular brisk walks and/or wearing compression wraps with legs elevated.


Deify™ Laser + Beauty Lounge is a state of the art laser hair removal and skin care center located in the heart of Manhattan and North Greenbush NY. Deify combines various elements of beauty from skincare solutions including CryoSkin Body contouring to aesthetic laser treatments and a full-service hair salon.


The studio utilizes some of the most advanced laser hair removal technology available —Candela's GentleLase and GentleYAG lasers—to safely remove hair on all skin tones for men and women. Deify's exclusive skincare line and state of the art technology keeps top reviews pouring in.


All treatments are administered by licensed estheticians to provide top of the line cosmetic laser treatment that allows you to look and feel your best. With over a decade in the business of beauty - Deify never commits you to a contract and all no pressure consultations are always complimentary. 


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Tuesday – Friday 10am-7pm
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Tuesday – Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9am-7pm

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